Friday, 2 April 2010

Speed Cameras and Auto Rates

Do you sometimes feel like you are on some reality show? Yes, you might now want to have a Big Brother watching over you, but the situation is like this. Most US citizens feel like their privacy is totally violated nowadays. There is a good thing about the red light / speeding cameras though. They keep us safe. We can almost state that they could be a worthy substitute for the police department. Drivers are not too excited about these cameras as the red light tickets could make an impact on their car plan rate. But it doesn't really matter what we think about the cameras because they are becoming more and more popular in towns day by day. Here are some of the cities that will pick up the "trend" of the red light/speed camera installation - Moultrie, Georgia, Cleveland & Akron, Ohio and Scottsdale, Arizona. According to a US source there cities have welcomed the innovations and are receiving positive feedback from these red light/ speed cameras that have reportedly snagged more than 2,300 drivers in Cleveland, Ohio (suburb residents). In Cleveland, Ohio, red light violators are charged 100 dollars per citation while other violators, such as speeding ticket violators pay from 100 to 200 dollars, depending on how badly they have violated the legal limits. Ohio has also received great results from their pilot program. In almost 20 days of operation Akron's cameras gave more than 3,000 tickets to violators from the area. The cameras have helped put the brakes on many lead foot drivers in the area. How do these cameras work? Let us tell you the major effect. The camera takes a quick shot of the car and then tries to capture the up-close picture of the license plate number. Once it is done, a ticket is issued and sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. What if you were not truly driving the car at the time of the photograph? Some people feel like these cameras are not doing their job properly. Drivers claim that these red light cameras can lead to some false facts of rule violations if the owner of the car was not truly driving at the time of the incident. In order to make these cases rare, some US states, Georgia for example, allow residents to contest the citation if the owner was not driving the car. Other states insist that the owner of the car takes the full responsibility for his vehicle no matter who drives it when. Do the cameras really help to reduce traffic violations? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the violation rates are reduced by 40 percent and that is only the beginning. The awareness of red light cameras makes people become more attentive which is the main requirement on the road. Are these cameras important? You can't really say anything is important until you got used to it. But being careful on the road is important. If you have auto insurance and your car is covered - you should not be too bothered by these cameras. You auto insurance will cover you in case you got caught by the red light/ speed camera. But always be attentive - it is safer to be a good driver.

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