Monday, 11 January 2010

get paid from TrekPay

TrekPay is Paid to Click a Lauching on March 17, 2009. TrekPay have to click on ads each day to get the points that will later be in exchange for U.S. $ as the name Pay To Click

TrekPay give points / credits, ranging from clicks on ads to invite friends to join (referrals). Point / credits can then redeem / convert the U.S. $. Each ad is clicked terdisplay will get 1 to 3 points / credits

* Point / Credit will automatically be converted every Thursday
* Minimum payout $ 5.50 via Paypal
* Every day there are as many as 30 to 40 ads that should be on click
* Referral bonus every special event in TrekPay the $ 1 - $ 6
* Commission of referral 12.5%
become more and more Point / credits obtained, the greater the $ to be received.

How To Sign Up

* Click SIGN FREE (at the bottom)
* Fill your data correctly and also your paypal account
* If already registered, please login
* Once logged in click BROWSE / SEARCH
* Then look at the bottom right is written PAGE, please click to get points / credits.
* When finished click on the ad link.

Please click on ACCOUNT to know points / credits you get.