Saturday, 17 July 2010

could you help me ?

dear friends , my name is fauzan . i am blogger from indonesia , in this post , i am looking for deutsch or finland people or anyone who can help me . in my plan , i want to school on finland or deutsch next year . now i am trying to learn finnish , because i want to school at helsinsky university  but my financial not enough to life on there . at this post i am looking for anyone help me to live in your home when i school on there until i get a job or until i finish my graduate . i really really want school on there , because on there , i heard that school on helsinsky university is no tuition fee , because in indonesia is so very expensive . if you can help me , post at the comment , thank you . Selengkapnya...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

imcrew legit or scam

when i surf on kaskus , i found that someone recommend me to sign up imcrewand then i sign up on there , after that i log in to that site , and they tell me that  
"You will earn $2 for every active referral. Use your referral link to do this. After the of August You will be able to earn money by Reading and Sharing articles what we will provide to you, you will be able to earn up to $1275/month by doing this" i do not know imcrew legit or scam , because i am a new member on that site several hours ago , do you wanna try imcrew


Describe my friends

okay , i have no idea to update this blog , no idea . and then i asked my followers on my twitter and then , i have 2 people that wanna be my topic in my blog at the first posting in this month  . Their name is Annisa Amalia and Katherine Eve Fadillah .

okay for the first is Annisa Amalia , she is my junior at my school and my followers at my twitter lol and for me . she is cute as a teenager  she is not tall and not short , so ? i think medium is the acceptable for her . and now she is at social majors . she have a boy friends , his name is abdul aziz al arief . i hope their relationship longlasting forever . wanna see her ? just visit her blog here .
on there you will know about her life . okay i dont know wanna write again about her , because i'm afraid that her boyfriends jealous because i write an article that describe her girlfriends . lol

and now i wanna write one of my bestfriends , she is Katherine Eva Fadillah , in my opininon she is beautiful and slim with her thick eyebrows :D , she always learn and think positive to face this life and so patient , i think too patient for a girl . awesome girl that i've ever found . one time when she became a wife , maybe she will became a best mom for her child . but sometimes she is not confident  with her inner beauty . now she is single , wanna try to be her boyfriends or wanna know about her ? you can follow her twitter .

thats all , my body isn't delicious now , tomorrow i'll play soccer with primary schools friend . see you in other post . Selengkapnya...