Wednesday, 30 June 2010

i've review for Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) that my friends own it

last week my aunt ask me to recommend some gadget because she wanna give me a newest gadget .. suddenly , i dont know why i recommend her to buy apple ipod touch 32 GB 3rd generation .. a few days ago , my aunt success bought it from kaskus for me , and i'm very happy because i'm very interest with that gadget , last night i with my friends try to compare it his own with me and then i've conclusion about apple ipod touch 32 GB.. okay now i have review this awesome gadget  (read : Apple ipod touch 32 GB ( 3rd Generation )

The iPod Touch-slick and smooth and very thin
* A USB cable, load the hook your iPod to your computer, the battery and sync with iTunes.
* Plastic mesh Cosa This is a small plastic piece that you can measure the iPod to an external device (not sure why).
It is a mini-computer, helps me to stay connected to the Web via WiFi for free to improve with an incredible variety of applications, the productivity and lifestyle, my life.

Within 3 minutes of opening the package, which was connected to iTunes, the device recognizes my wireless connection at home and I was surfing the Internet at lightning speed (much faster than my laptop). The fact that no significant learning curve. Many of the applications seem more in touch, as they work on a normal computer screen. A few mouse clicks and screens and everything is ready and on your way!

8QNJY7VXN3TU Selengkapnya...

Sunday, 27 June 2010

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

new domain with

hello reader or visitor that who come from anywhere .. i get a new free domain .. the name is . my domain name is .. wow look better than , because it look so long and hard to remember , so maybe the visitor lazy to come back here . because the name is so long . lol.

okay i have a domain . now i'm looking for free hosting with fantastico deluxe . anyone have recommended free hosting with fantastico deluxe and big storage ? feel like impossible but who knows . i hope i find it outside . i think its enough posting for today .
see you tomorrow :) Selengkapnya...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Recommended How making money from internet

oh my god . what a day , last night i watched italy versus slowakia and then finally result is 3-2 . who is the winner ? as we know slowakia the winner of the match .. okay i dont wanna talk about it , at the morning .. i open my gmail and read an email about someone that asking about my listing . i hope he will buy my listing , because sometimes i feel dissapointed if meet people that ask more about my listing but didnt spend his/her money to buy it . huh !

okay reader from anywhere that reading this article now ..
huh , once again about making money online , can anyone recommended me what should i do to get more from internet . i've tried paid to click , but i just got a small value of dollar .. if you have recommended idea or job to me . post at the comment .

good bye , i hope tomorrow i"ll find the best for me

see you. Selengkapnya...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

waiting buyer buy at my listing

hey friends , several minutes ago i finished listing to sell my software with Master resale right at digital point .
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if you wanna see it , click the link that with anchor text digital point . Actually i wanna more list my product on there , but tonight i'm very tired guys , after write this article , my plan is consume body supplement , so for tomorrow my body will healthy like usually . After that i will watch world cup 2010 ..
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I need money guys

hmm , long time no posting in this site .. about a month this dofollow blog without posting . today i wanna posting about my life . life as student who try search money in internet , whoaaaam .. before i write this post . i check my paypal , oh my god i just found about $18 on there ,, oh so poor me ..

what should i do to get more money ? aha i found an idea .. i have 12 E-book with Master Resell Right and about more Software with Master Resell Right . i think i can sell them on forum such as digital point , kaskus , adsense-id or maybe warrior forum .
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