Thursday, 24 June 2010

waiting buyer buy at my listing

hey friends , several minutes ago i finished listing to sell my software with Master resale right at digital point .
i sell 16 extreme software internet marketing with Master resale right + Banner Buzz + Hits Buzz + Directory Submitter .. i hope digital point user wanna buy my products . :)

Dear Reader or visitor from anywhere that now reading this article , would you see my listing at digital point ?
if you wanna see it , click the link that with anchor text digital point . Actually i wanna more list my product on there , but tonight i'm very tired guys , after write this article , my plan is consume body supplement , so for tomorrow my body will healthy like usually . After that i will watch world cup 2010 ..
just information , i have a friend that make a site in a week but his alexa now about 6 million , wow its so fucking awesome . wanna see his site ? .
have you see it ?
okay if not yet , dont worry . you can see it tomorrow . lol

thanks for read this useless article , hope tomorrow when i check my gmail , i read many offer from digital point user to negotiate the price and then meet a deal to buy my product ..