Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Is Indonesia developed country ?

Why did I make the title as above? So the story happened last week, when I visited the exhibition of European higher education. I went to the booth of the Czech embassy. On there, I spoke and asked a lot, because my enthusiasm for school in Europe is very high. Everything went well right up at the end, when I asked Czech government scholarship program for developing countries. I was quite struck to hear the answer from the embassy Czech. They say that the Czech government for this year's scholarship program has been shut down to Indonesia. The reason is, according to the Czech government, Indonesia is now i s not a developing country anymore. Indonesia today is a developed country.

Surprised? I do not know this good news or bad. But I think if the world was crazy because a country like Indonesia that still busy with many kind of poverties. It was not feasible so-called developed countries. Still a lot of homework unfinished Indonesian government. Hopefully Indonesia is already a developed country. But for now? I think not right.