Thursday, 1 April 2010

How to impress a girl

So she’s beautiful, smart, talented, and seems almost superhuman.
And you trip over your feet, spit milk out of your nose, and live in a shack by the river. Here’s your guide to getting that girl who seems way out of your league.

  • Figure out your intentions
First, ask yourself why you want to impress this girl. Is it because she is the most popular girl in school, or because you truly enjoy her company?
  •   Get Close
Hang out near her and listen to what the girl and her friends are saying. (Don’t make it a dead giveaway that you’re listening.) Then approach them and say, “I couldn’t help over hearing your talk on…”. It should go naturally.
If not then perhaps you should rethink this girl. Chemistry matters!

Get to know her friends. If her friends don’t like you, she probably won’t be as open to spending time with you. Don’t be mean to them or pull their hair – there are other ways to get to know a girl! Be in their group when it’s time for a class presentation and let your personality shine.

  • Confidence is key
You’ve seen people walk around with their heads hanging, shuffling their feet as they walk. They look beaten, unhappy, defeated.
That isn’t attractive to anyone! If you want to attract a woman who’s out of your league, then show her you’re confident. Hold your head up, walk like you’re proud to be you, delighted with who you are – but not arrogant, maintain eye contact if talking to her.
Watch how others walk and carry themselves and try to mimic the confident behaviors you see.

  • Be yourself
Except without the farting and butt scratching. Try to be a gentleman – or if you’re a girl trying to impress another girl, be gallant and chivalrous.

Also Hygiene is important. Looking nice makes you feel nice.
  • Don't tell her about her looks
Find out what other qualities she has that make her an outstanding woman. Ask her about herself and who she is. Women who are used to being noticed for their outer appearance won’t be swayed easily by comments on their physical appearance.
Be different and find the inner beauty (you can still admire the outer beauty in your own thoughts).

Be honorable. This means: don’t deceive her just to get in her pants.


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