Monday, 1 February 2010

watch tv on computer

Watch TV - Live online internet televisionAccess to 4000 live TV stations from your pc. No need of a TV tuner or decoder. 100% legal - no subscription needed.

Watch television channels online anywhere. All you need is our software, your pc, and Internet connection. Thousands of television shows that would cost you big money in the long run with traditional TV providers, now can watch them with no subscription. Watch 4000 TV Stations from Over 80 Countries!

Cartoons, Fashion, News, Discovery, Sport, Movies,
Music, Football, Adult Shows, Weather, Stocks, Educational, and many others channels are available.

You can watch TV to your PC or laptop at any time and anywhere in the world since our service is not affected by
regional terrain or weather.

This webtv software does not contain any spyware or advertise modules. It has safety installation
with NO WORRIES concerning valuable information loss.



  1. Las Vegas real estate25 March 2010 at 13:41

    This is great! I can access to many TV stations on my PC...I don't have to switch on the TV and I could watch anywhere with my laptop anytime...How much does this software cost? Is it affordable?

  2. i dont know , check the link , i just help them to publish their software