Friday, 12 February 2010


Cashcow is the best  GPT (Get Paid To). Own by Reagan Stringer, who is awesome and honey admin too. Now.. they open for INTERNATIONAL member again..hurry up join before to late !!
Unlike paid to click,here you can make dollar gratis for several ways :
  • Paid to click worth $0,001 - $0,04 more 20 ads/day,completed 100 click,you get $0,1 bonus. See screenshot below :

Complete trial offers worth $3 - $30, for make more money :

  • Payment via : paypal ($5), check, gift card.
  • The first withdraw 30 days and after that one a week.
  • Have other offers, contest and jackpot too.
Wanna join ??? click banner below ( open new window ) and please make sure write at refferer is : ojanogeb
good luck


arie dia fauzan

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