Thursday, 4 February 2010

Get Paid with lijit

Did you ever think of your blog’s search form as potential tool to give your presence on Social Media some exposure? To actually go beyond the boundaries of searching within your blog and present interesting matches from your StumbleUpon account or Twitter? Well – with the Web 2.0 expansion at it’s peak – it’s time that you did.

Think all you want – but, here’s the tool which gets the job done – Lijit! Revolutionary search tools and stats for your blog…

To tell you about this awesome service, I’d like to take a real world example. For an instance, think that you’re running a technology blog. You review gadgets and stuff. So, there’s this cool gadget tha

t was released just yesterday. You haven’t had time to take a good look at it and review it yet. But, a visitor comes upon your blog and carries out a search for this cool gadget. True enough., when you haven’t reviewed it yet, your visitor might not end up with a satisfactory outcome.

But, Lijit changes all that. Just imagine that you stumbled an article about that cool gadget? Or dugg it? Well, when your visitor carries out that search with Lijit, he/she might not find an article within your blog that could satisfy his/her purpose; but he/she will find that article you stumbled or dugg.

Now without Lijit, that visitor might have been frustrated with your inability to keep up with the trends (it’s 24 hours gone and you’re a techie.. what do you think?) but with Lijit, you get to recommend some external source to the reader, when the reader is in the need of it.

And that is the wonder of Lijit. You can connect all your social networks into one place, with your blog and let your visitors search all of those sources at the same time. You can use it as a customized search form to search your own blog, or a tool to share what you’ve been up to on Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook and other social networks.

You can recommend other sources worth reading in your site, or you can let them find out your concise opinion on something by referring them to the tweet that you made about whatever they are searching for on your blog. The registration and configuration process is fairly simple. You just have to pick the social networks of your choice, input their login details, customize their appearance, choose exactly how you want search results to appear, and you’re good to go.

What’s more awesome is that you Lijit can get you pretty detailed stats on what your readers are searching your site for. Keep track of these stats and you will be able to find exactly what your readers are expecting of you.

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