Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Brain Sync Attract Love

A lot of you are looking for way to improve your skill and result with the Love Meditation, I’am myself constantly looking for ways to improve it or make it different, I do two sessions a day of the Love Meditation in fact I should call it Kundalini Love Meditation with the recent progress I made there, during one session I use Brain Sync Ecstasy and for the second session at night I use Brain Sync Attract Love, both features 2 tracks of approximately 30 minutes each, track 2 of Ecstasy is identical to those on Attract Love however there is a different the Attract Love CD/MP3 contains subliminal.

The subliminal messages are :

• Yes! I can be fulfilled
• I love myself, I appreciate myself
• I feel connected to the power of love in my life
• I yearn for love with total self-appreciation
• I let my desire activate every part of my being
• I let my heart be touched, I let the magic flow
• I awaken to the touch of love
• My love attracts equal and balanced love
• I am open and available, passionate and full
• I am receiving love, love comes to me
• I feel turned on, I can be touched
• Every cell of my body exudes beauty and love
• This love that is mine creates miracles in my world
• I feel the movement of love in all of my life
• Yes! I can love and be loved
• Joy and beauty fill my life
• My heart is open, my heart is wise and mature
• I feel my love attracting love
• I attract the love I desire
• I rest in the arms of love

I have been playing with that CD for a little bit more than two months, it is with that CD that I achieved what I talked in my Kundalini post, being the emotion of love, being the emotion is not like feeling the emotion, first as I said in that post, you raise the Kundalini View definition in a new window energy into your brain until you have that less than 3D feelings , the feeling of being bigger than your body, then you focus on love and you become it, you aren’t feeling your body anymore, you are just love, it is difficult to explain, I remember that I reached that trance state even when I don’t focus on love may be the subliminal helped, of course, I made sure my heart chakra was activated.

Now, I was never able to get that with Brain Sync Ecstasy (this is one is pure brainwave audio with no subliminal), with Brain Sync Ectasy I have good experiences I have the less than 3D feelings but I don’t go beyond that I m not too sure why, the way, I do my meditation during daytime isn’t the same at night time, I will attempt to proceed the same way in both sessions and see if I can improve my experience with the Brain Sync Ecstasy.
So if you look for a CD / MP3 to improve your love meditation so far I consider Attract Love an excellent choice.

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